Backroad Safety Tips

Backroad Safety Tips -

Backroad Safety Tips – The following information is more common sense than anything but sometimes, you just need simple reminders / checklists to make sure you don’t forget anything! Remember back-road travel can be hazardous, so be aware of weather and road conditions.

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In the event of a breakdown, your first responsibility is to your own safety. Please move your vehicle off the road as safely as possible. If any dash warning light comes on, safely pull over, shut off the engine and contact  your 24-HOUR Roadside Assistance Hotline as soon as possible for direction.

The Arizona Department of Safety offers help as well. The Department considers stranded motorists a matter of priority due to associated dangers. Stranded motorists can cause dangerous traffic related incidents. If you become stranded or observe someone who is stopped on a highway, please call 911 to report it to AZDPS.