Ludlow Cafe

The Ludlow Cafe
A must stop when traveling Route 66 in California’s Mohave Desert is the ghost town of Ludlow. Founded in 1882 as a water stop for steam locomotives it then served the mining industry until the 1940’s and then, serving travelers on the National Trails Highway. When Interstate 40 was built, it bypassed the town and rendered it obsolete. At the Ludlow exit off I-40 you’ll find the Ludlow Cafe. This is just one of those experiences you have to do once. True Route 66 diner food… Open for breakfast, lunch and Dinner. And again ya gotta try it. Before heading out of Ludlow, be sure to travel some of the backroads behind the cafe. Sadly, This is a town that is vanishing so be sure to give it a visit on your next Route 66 journey.

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